Felidae Forest

Terms Of Service

1. No art theft. That includes taking someone else's feline,
Coloring in the lines without permission,
or stealing designs or lines of any sort.
2. You may own as many felines as you please!
3. Please don't complain if there are none left.
The artists are trying their hardest to make litters for you guys-- it takes time!
4. You may take these offsite, But they must link back to here.
5. Don't ask to be a part of the staff unless there are applications.
this also includes making guest litters---you may not.
6. No editing your forms for adoption!
7. All Feline adopts are first come, first serve.
8. Don't try to butter up the artists, please.
9. Feel free to ask questions!  Thank you!
10. The chat and shoutbox are not for vulgar language, rude behavior,
or disrespect to other users. There will be actions on misbehavior.